Our team has extensive experience in management buy-outs and buy-ins, acquisitions, domestic and global expansion, company listings, strategic development and business management.

We are proud of our team's contribution to the growth of over 40 private businesses and the resultant wealth creation for the respective stakeholders.

We manage funds that have been committed by major institutions to invest in mid-market growth businesses with EBIT of $4-20 million.

Equity Partners will fund the following categories of investment opportunities:

Expansion - profitable growth companies seeking capital for organic expansion or growth by acquisition.
Recapitalisations and structural or ownership change - refinancing of founder-owned businesses to enable management to pursue growth opportunities and provide owners with the mechanism to achieve total or partial sell-down of equity.
Management buy-out and buy-ins - established, stable cash-flow businesses that are no longer core to their corporate owners, or where the owner of the business wishes to exit.
Combination of these - we are experienced at targeting and executing on investment opportunities that fall into more than one of the above categories, such as management buy-outs that also require capital for growth.