Equity Partners has extensive experience in investing in and working with businesses across a range of industries.

We undertake a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure that potential investee companies satisfy our criteria for a successful investment.

Our investment criteria include:


Profitable growth-oriented business with between $4 million and $20 million in profit before interest and tax

    Headquartered in Australia or New Zealand  
    Strong proven management team  
    The business has or is likely to create a strong market position through developing its
sustainable competitive advantages
    Established platform for growth  
    A well identified medium term exit plan  

Our investment mandate precludes us from investing in property or primary mining businesses. We do however invest in businesses servicing these sectors.


We invest in the following types of opportunities:

    Growth Buyouts: partnering with experienced management teams to acquire successful businesses where the business owners wish to exit or the businesses are no longer core to their corporate owners  
    Expansion Capital: providing high growth businesses with capital to fund organic growth and / or growth via acquisitions  
    Succession Planning: refinancing of owner operator businesses to facilitate a transition of ownership  
    Combination of these: we are flexible investors and have considerable experience investing in businesses involving more than one of the above types, such as buyouts that also require capital for growth  

We will not invest in start-up or early stage ventures.