Our investment philosophy is founded on the following 4 Key Principles:


1. Partnership for Value Creation
We seek to develop a long lasting, trusting, principal-to-principal partnership with each management team, where we have a shared vision for the business around maximising business growth and shareholder value.


2. Active Investment Management
We have an active investment management approach, whose objective is to provide the business with real and sustainable value add. The management team runs the day to day operations of the business while we act as a platform of support to strengthen their capabilities.

In our experience, businesses benefit from our value add in areas such as:

a) Assisting with the development and execution of growth strategies including through leveraging our experience with other successful growth businesses across a range of industries;

b) Helping with the identification, development and implementation of plans to realise business improvement opportunities;

c) Driving the search and funding of potential strategic acquisitions and partnerships; and

d) Providing the resources and capabilities to reinforce those of the management team.


3. Integrity
We believe that open communication is a key factor in successful deal negotiations. We are forthright in our views on a potential investment and its progress within our assessment process.


4. Responsiveness
We know that the investment lead time is a vital consideration for companies seeking funding, so we aim to make the process from deal identification to acceptance or decline as rapid as possible. We are an owner managed firm, with a flat management structure. If the proposal suits our portfolio we can move quickly to get the deal done.